A review of 2021 with Careerist’s cofounder Max Glubochansky

What was the last year like for Careerist?

Well we’ve witnessed exponential growth this past year. And the reason for that is that more than 200 graduates found jobs across 27 states during the last four months alone. This is more than ever before, and it proves that our program works.

Has 2021 been a great year for you too?

Careerist is a part of me, so I suppose this year has also been successful for me, as well as for many of our graduates. As a team we are always happy to see the results of our hard work, and we are delighted to see our graduates get life changing and high paying jobs in the industry.

In February 2020, ‘Job Easy’ became ‘Careerist’. Why did you choose to rebrand the company?

As Job Easy grew and we started to attract more people we found out that the name ‘Job Easy’ was sometimes misunderstood, and it wasn’t always taken seriously. And I guess, we thought that some people, who were looking at hiring some of our graduates, might not take them seriously with the name ‘Job Easy’ on their resume.

Is there a particular graduate that stands out for you?

Many of our graduates find jobs soon after graduating, so their stories are pretty similar. If graduates follow the instructions they can find a job within 3 or 4 months. Those who don’t follow the recommendations waste their resources — I mean time and effort.

There’s a myth that roles in tech are only for youngsters, but the woman you just mentioned tore that myth apart. Do you hear many stories like hers?

I’d like to point out that our graduates can find a job at any age. It doesn’t matter if they’re 19 or 60. Age is not a problem, but confidence is.

During 2021 did any graduates find super high paying jobs?

Majority of our graduates get job offers from $70,000 to $100,000 per year. And that’s usually an hourly rate of $35 to $50 per hour. In 2021, two graduates received job offers of $115,000 each, for roles in Cincinnati and Miami. That was totally unexpected and a much bigger salary than usual.

What does 2022 look like for Careerist?

We have high expectations for the coming year, because now more than ever there are more positions available in the tech world.

In your opinion, how will the tech field develop over the next year?

I suppose that new industries will appear and the quality assurance sector will need to expand and develop itself.

What would you like to say to your former and future students?

I would like to wish everyone a good year. And to those who are still unsure if a career in tech is for them, just give it a go. The New Year is a great time to look into starting a new profession that could earn you a big salary, and maybe you could even work from home.



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