American Tech Companies Run by Immigrants

15 Tech Companies Founded by Immigrants or Their Children

Why Immigrants to the US Should Consider Working in Tech

  • Shortage of skilled professionals. Organizations struggle to find enough qualified employees as the tech sector grows rapidly. And the talent shortage will become more acute in the upcoming years. Research from the Korn Ferry Institute forecasts a deficit of 600,000 to 1.2 million IT workers in the United States by 2030. In this situation, tech companies are not able to fill all open positions with American professionals alone. That means immigrants with the right skill set are more than welcomed in teams.
  • Diversity is highly valued in tech. Tech companies know that diverse teams solve problems faster, produce better products, and are more likely to come up with innovative solutions. That’s why managers are so willing to hire people with different backgrounds and experiences. And executives support creating a company culture with equal opportunities for all employees regardless of their race or nationality.
  • There is a great variety of jobs. There is a common misconception that working in tech is limited to programming. However, many jobs do not require writing code or possessing a degree in Computer Science. Tech companies also need designers, marketers, HR professionals, project managers, copywriters, salespeople, finance workers, etc. So, even if becoming a software developer is not what you want, you can still find a suitable career in tech.

Challenges Immigrants Face in Tech

  • Lack of language proficiency. With English as their second language, many professionals have difficulty expressing themselves. They don’t feel confident in interviews and fail to make a good first impression. However, it is essential to understand that different jobs require different levels of language proficiency. If you are applying for the QA Engineer role, for example, nobody would care that you can’t speak like a native speaker. So, focus on what you can offer as a professional and don’t worry too much about the language. It will quickly improve if you use it daily.
  • Skill gaps. It is not uncommon that even professionals who had worked in tech before immigrating lack certain skills needed to do a similar job in their new country. Technology is rapidly evolving. And it is undoubtedly a good idea to conduct research and upskill where necessary before beginning the job search process.
  • Limited familiarity with the local labor market. Another possible challenge arises from immigrants’ lack of knowledge about the job search best practices in a new country. They may keep making mistakes that can be easily avoided and not get shortlisted for desired positions. That is why it is so important to get familiar with the market first. Networking, finding a mentor, or enrolling in training programs with local institutions are great ways to do that.



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