Cold E-Mails For Jobs

What are cold emails?

The purpose of cold emails:

  • Reach a certain company
  • Reach a person you don’t know
  • Personal network expansion
  • Interview scheduling
  • A post-interview thank you letter
  • A polite reminder of something

Why send cold emails if I can simply drop a line in a messenger app?

  • Non-invasiveness. Cold emails are quick and easy to reply to, and the employer has the space and freedom of when and how to respond.
  • Reaching the right person. A cold email is more likely to get the person you need than a cold call. Calls may be redirected or canceled.
  • A faster response. Emails flagged for further contact are the ones employers frequently check. Again, it’s a better alternative than leaving another voicemail.
  • An opportunity to proofread before sending. Having someone proofread your email boosts your confidence and helps ensure everything is laid out correctly.

How to write a cold email for a job

The step-by-step guide to composing a cold email

1. Identify the person you want to contact.

2. Mind the subject line.

3. Format the salutation.

4. Craft a great introduction.

5. Write the body.

6. Make a small request!

7. Don’t neglect the ending.

Examples of cold emails



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