Do You Have Experience Working With People and More Than Three Qualities From the List Below? If So, You Can Earn $100K or More a Year. Take This Quick Assessment Now!

1. You are charismatic

  1. When I hear good dance music, I can’t stand still.
  2. I have a loud and infectious laugh.
  3. I can easily express emotions over the phone.
  4. I often touch the person during a conversation.
  5. I like having a lot of people looking at me.
  6. I have a very expressive facial expression.
  7. People say I’d make a good actor.
  8. I prefer to stand out from the crowd.
  9. I’m not shy around strangers.
  10. I can do the seductive look if I want to.
  11. I’m good at games like Crocodile, where you have to act things out.
  12. At small parties, I am the center of attention.
  13. When I like a person, I touch them or hug them to show it.

2. You know how to communicate and convince people

3. You like to give advice and people come to you for help

4. You like it when you can influence your own income

5. You want to work remotely


  1. It’s in demand. In LinkedIn’s 2020 rankings, the “salesperson” profession was firmly in first place:



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