Implementing Agile and DevOps into an organization’s working system

Implementing Agile

  1. Prepare for implementation and train personnel. Before you change anything in your workplace you have to prepare your people. This means that you need to discuss what your plans are with them, and perhaps you could take on board their feedback and concerns.
  1. After completing point 1, you then need to distribute the various roles you have decided on amongst the participants of the “trial project”. This includes, executives and managers.
  1. After successfully completing the “trial project” and any difficulties have been identified, it’s now time to get all of the company’s employees trained up, so that Agile can be implemented throughout the company.
  • Trained employees (managers, developers, testers, designers, etc.) who know how to work on projects using this methodology.
  • Well-tested interaction scheme. Also, as a result of the Agile implementation, you should have a well-established plan, and even if there are some changes to it, the general plan should remain much the same.
  • Increase in work productivity. As a result of the Agile implementation, the productivity of your team should increase.

Implementing DevOps

  1. First, create a task that you want to solve using DevOps. Create a deployment pipeline, for example.
  2. Then you have to discuss the action plan with your team, and immediately identify the most problematic areas in the processes. Then select specific automation tools.
  3. Train the team and master the basic principles of DevOps — CALMS (culture, automation, lean, measurement and sharing).
  4. Change the development process and the organization of people. The focus should be on the product, not on the functional responsibilities of the specialists.
  5. Now you can move on to the automation itself. Choose processes that could be automated and pick a system whereby you can measure the success of this automation.
  6. After the implementation of automation, it’s essential to assess the results. Ask yourself, “Is this approach profitable?” If you see that it is not, go back to stage 1 and review your tasks, or try other tools. But, if you see a benefit in using DevOps, extend this approach to other projects.




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