Want to Start a Career in Tech but Don’t Know Which Profession to Choose? Just Take This Quiz!

Determining how comfortable you are at your current job

  • Do you like your everyday tasks?
  • Do you see your work as valuable to people?
  • Does the future of your career inspire you?
  • Do you like the people you work with?
  • Do you see yourself as a self-actualized person?
  • Do you get positive feedback on your work?
  • Does your salary/income satisfy you?
  1. Is it influenced a lot by your mood today?
  2. Could it be improved by communicating your demotivation to your manager/team?
  3. Will switching to another company solve your issues?
  4. Will getting more advanced in your field change everything?

Tech professions we’re going to talk about today — Quality Assurance (QA) and Sales Representatives (Tech Sales)

How do we know if a new profession in tech will be fun for you?

Test #1: Determine your superpowers

Test #2: What do your interests from childhood say about you?

  1. You got to know a lot of children and adults alike. You were not afraid to communicate and asked a lot of questions. You often managed to give advice and solve problems. (+ to Tech Sales)
  2. You looked for imperfections in the world in order to correct them. You always pointed out someone else’s mistakes and liked to correct them. You enjoyed improving things. (+ to Manual QA)

Test #3: Social media

  1. All my time on the Internet is about communication. I love to meet people online, leave comments, and analyze people. I like to see activity and attention and get approval.
  2. Often, I notice imperfections in the photos of others and in the interfaces of sites and services, and I seek to correct errors.

Test #4: Body test


  • If you got 200: It seems that you are literally made for this profession! Without losing motivation, you should start studying as soon as possible so that, in a few months, your life will radically change for the better.
  • If you got 70+: The minimum score from which you can conclude that your profession is still worth changing is 70 points.
  • If you got less than 70, you may not be ready to change your field of work. Or, you need to work with your WHY, and sharpen your skills in this profession to get more confidence. As a rule, as you develop your skills and awareness of your WHY, your interest in the profession also increases if it’s at least at an intermediate level from the beginning. Taking courses is usually of great help in improving your skills in the profession.

What’s next? You can learn skills for the professions we talked about today by taking courses at Careerist!

Manual QA

Tech Sales



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